Not allowed the use of Sildenafil with severe acute and chronic cardiovascular sickness, in children up to majority, significant deformation of the penis with sickle-cell anemia, acute and chronic leukaemia, myelomatosis. At hypersensibility to Sildenafil it is applied under control of the doctor.

Prohibited simultaneous taking Viagra 100mg and drugs-donators of oxide of nitrogen (nitrate), because is possibility of development of acute heart failure.

Way of taking and dosage

  • The medical product is taken orally as  pill for forty or sixty minutes prior to planned sexual intercourse. Recommended daily dose is not more than 100 mg, single dose varies from 25 to 100 mg. Tablets must drink small amounts of water. Before the first taking you should consult with a physician.

Viagra Side effects
In the taking of Sildenafil relatively rarely occur of the following Viagra side effects: headache, “tides blood to a person, the sense of heat, dizziness, malaise, nasal congestion, and vision disturbances in the form of changes colour, enhanced perception of light, sensitivity to light.

Information for patients

  • Viagra 100mg is today the simplest and convenient preparation for potentiality increase. Action mechanism: the preparation increases quantity arriving in cavernous bodies of a penis of blood, than calls a natural, strong and resistant erection.

You should know that the drug does not eliminate directly the cause of ED; it only increases blood flow to the penis, what contributes to the erection.

The preparation has an effect only if the man tests sexual excitement. After an ejaculation the preparation doesn’t cease to operate and the erection is quickly restored. Thus, the preparation affects natural mechanism of erection, without influencing spinal and subcortical structures of your brain.

How many sexual acts can be done, taking the ED medical product?
According to various authors, and not calling injuries of cavernous bodies of a penis the number of sexual intercourses per day makes the most admissible: for men at age from twenty-eight to thirty-six years of age – five coitus, for men of eighteen to twenty-seven years old – eight coitus, from thirty-seven to forty-five years – three coitus, older than forty-five years of age – not more than two coitus.

Whether there is Viagra 100mg on women?

  • Yes, but women aren’t recommended to take Viagra 100mg, designed for men. For stimulation of orgasm in women has developed a special product “Female Viagra”.

In conclusion we can say that nobody has cancelled the healthy way of life: learn harmony with nature, enjoy every day, to be self-sufficient and then you do not need the blue pill.